The Flat


Here’s my first post about my home in Munich. Since July 2014 I live with my boyfriend and my two buns in a three room flat. I’ll be sharing my experiences on decorating, choosing furniture, tips on how to organise small spaces and other small DIY projects!

Interior design has always been a big fascination of mine. When I was little I remember sitting in the back of the car staring into windows of houses as we drove by, trying to catch a glimpse of what it looked like inside. Although I didn’t choose interior design as my career (I still ask myself why I didn’t think to study it at the time when I choosing what to do with my life!), I’m still so excited to have my own flat where I can play interior designer 🙂

The kitchen and lounge. In Germany if you rent you don’t get a kitchen with the flat – or if there is a kitchen you have to buy it off the person who bought it!

Here’s a photo of the lounge/kitchen last year when we first moved into our flat – we had no furniture as the boyf insisted he built all the furniture (he’s a carpenter) which saves a lot of money but means it takes longer as he builds everything from scratch.

We do have furniture and a kitchen now but we’re still missing a lot! Watch this space as I’ll be keeping you up to date with what’s happening to our little flat 🙂

Larissaingermany x


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