Painting a Narrow Room


Last month we painted the bunny room, it’s quite a narrow room so I’m going to share with you how we did it and what it looked like in the end!


The reason we decided to paint it was actually because Amelie, my rabbit, urinated on the walls when she was hormonal (thank god she doesn’t do it anymore).

Seeing as we had to paint it anyway, I decided that we may as well paint it a different colour. I’ve never actually painted a room before. The only time I picked out a colour was when I was a child and got to decide on a new colour for my bedroom. For some reason I picked orange (I wasn’t even a fan of orange I don’t know why I picked it?!) and it looked very… well, orange.

The first thought I had was painting the room a neutral colour, like grey or grey blue. I’m usually very indecisive but as soon as I saw this colour I loved it!

Paint from “swingcolor”

This is the before photo, sorry it’s an old photo of when we had just moved in – hence all the boxes and no bunnies!


I decided to paint the two long walls the blue-grey colour, and leave the wall with the window and the opposite wall (with the door) white. This was pretty risky as usually if you do this, your room will probably end up looking narrower than before! BUT, I had a plan. We didn’t paint the entire wall blue-grey, we left a frame around the edges. So, in end effect the white frame made the wall with the window on look wider than before!

The white frame makes the smaller wall look wider.

The guest bed has also arrived so all we have to do is build it! It’s white and will look beautiful up against the walls.20150512_214159

Tip: The painting isn’t the time consuming part, its the preparation beforehand. Make sure you tape everything well and cover the floor! To make the frame we just used the width of the tape – a lot easier as then you don’t have to measure anything out.

So what do you guys think? Half way through painting I was terrified that it would look like a tunnel, but as long as you put a frame around it it really does make the smaller wall wider.

The after photo – sorry I couldn’t fit in the second wall in!

Larissaingermany x


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