Amelie is a Special Bunny


Sorry I haven’t posted in almost two weeks – I haven’t forgotten I’ve just been way too busy with work, and last week I went on a spontaneous trip to France! But now I’m back so let me tell you my experience in keeping a “special bunny”, maybe someone else’s rabbit is similar?


The reason I call Amelie a special bunny is because everyone else calls her it. The vet calls her “wild” and gets “back up” every time I enter the vet, my boyfriend thinks she’s mad and our bunny sitter says she’s only allowed to come back if she lives outside instead of inside (after she wee’d on all of her walls).

Look behind the cute face and you see all the stains she left on all our walls

Amelie was always an adventurous bunny, I like to think of her as Indiana Jones – always wanting to dig deeper and jump higher. When she grew up her hormones kicked in, and she began to spray her urine everywhere.. making it only worse when I tried to clean it up as then she would spray it on me! After she was spayed this stopped happening… until we took her to a bunny sitter for a week in which she decided to wee everywhere (the funny thing I found was as soon as she was home again she stopped doing it). She also likes to eat everything, not just food but also the walls and the skirting boards, she’s even managed to eat the wall right down to the insulation. She jumps so high she can reach the window sill, meaning we can never fully open the window as she could fall out. Today was the first time she’s ever bitten anyone, and the poor victim was my Mum! What’s more baffling is that we got her when she was a baby, so nothing bad could have happened in her life that could make her so nervous and “special”.

On the windowsill

She’s also a very vocal bunny. She stamps when she’s scared/doesn’t like someone, grunts when she is ahem, horny, squeaks when she’s scared (this happened during the rebonding session between her and Hector) and also wags her tail when she gets annoyed.


Despite all of the above, I love her to bits and I don’t find her that wild or mad. When I’m the only one with her she’s the cutest, funniest bunny ever, who’s learned to trust me. Although she doesn’t like being picked up, she hops onto my lap for a cuddle, or if I’m on my knees cleaning she’ll climb up onto my back. When I call her name she runs to me and pokes her face in mine to say hello, and if I throw her straw ball she runs after it like a little dog. So this is a post for anyone who might have a “special” bunny like mine. I’ve learnt to understand Amelie isn’t so special, she just finds it hard to trust other people and gets very nervous around new faces, and that’s just who she is.

I also bought her a cat toilet to use as a dig box, so now she spends all day happily digging away and I’m happy it isn’t on the walls or the floor.IMG-20150413-WA0002

Even if Amelie is sometimes hard work I wouldn’t give her away for the world. Does anyone else have rabbits with interesting habits or personalities?

Larissaingermany x

Hector inspecting the new dig box




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