RIP Hector

Some sad news, yesterday my little Hector died.


I almost can’t believe that I’m writing this post, on Monday he was hopping and binkying (jumping from all fours with happiness) around, and now he’s gone. I wont tell you the whole story, but Tuesday evening he fell ill, we had to take him to a different vet as ours was closed and that vet insisted it was nothing serious. On Wednesday morning I could tell it was serious and rushed him to the vet, but he didn’t make it and died on the way. They don’t know what was wrong with him, because his hair, teeth and ahem, poo all looked very healthy. But my normal vet said if the idiot vet on Tuesday had taken blood then he would have found out it was a serious illness.

Hector was such a friendly bunny and I loved him to bits, I’m so heartbroken that he had to die so young and that I couldn’t help him. Here are some photos of my best little bun.


What makes it worse is that Amelie is all alone now. They slept, ate and played together, they always groomed each other and they were inseparable. It tears me apart to know that she’s sitting there alone without him. She’s taken it quite well and is still eating and drinking which is the main thing. She’s taken out her sadness on the wall and keeps on biting it, but otherwise she’s doing fine.


I’ll miss you Hector, my cuddly chocolate bunny.



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