Housing your bunny

Wondering what the best way is to house your rabbit? In this post I’ll be showing you how my bunny Amelie lives, and how her and Hector lived before!


Rabbits need to have at least 4 hours exercise everyday, which means keeping them in those small cages or hutches that they usually sell in animal shops is wrong. I’ve already mentioned this before in my other post which you can find here. When we got our bunnies we bought a rabbit cage (that was big enough for them) where they stayed when I was asleep or not at home; as soon as I was at home the cage doors were always open.

20141008_181453 20141005_165026

A cage has to be:

  • High enough for your bunny to stand on it’s hind legs.
  • Long enough for your bunny to do at least 4 hops.
  • And of course big enough so your bunny can fully lie down.

Types of cages/housing:

  • Rabbit cage (it must be big enough for your rabbits)
  • Puppy pen (if it has no roof make sure it’s high enough – rabbits can jump very high!)
  • Free range (no cage at all, just make sure your room is bunny proofed)
  • Rabbit pen for outside (the wooden ones are very stabile for indoors as well and usually have a roof)

Various flooring/bedding:

  • Straw (might stain your rabbit’s paws yellow. When my rabbits were babies they also thought this was their toilet too – resulting in them weeing everywhere in the cage. As soon as I changed the flooring to a blanket they only urinated in the toilet!)
  • Towels/blankets (great as you can rewash these – just watch out your rabbit doesn’t eat a lot of it)
  • Newspaper (only recommended underneath something, as it stains your rabbits paws and if they eat it too much the ink can be harmful)

What to use for litter in the toilet:

  • Wood pellet litter (this is what I use and love – smells woody and as it’s pellets it doesn’t get thrown everywhere when Amelie jumps out of the toilet.)
  • Shredded newspaper (not such a great idea, especially if your rabbit eats it! Not very absorbent and smells bad quickly)
  • Wood shavings/saw dust (I started off with this but it smells bad quickly and as it’s so light the shavings fly everywhere – very messy!)
  • Do NOT use cat litter as if your rabbit eats this it will clump in their stomach and they die 😦

How to furnish your Bun’s house:

  • Bunnies love to have a “safe place” where they can hide – you can make them a cardboard house, cover a chair with a blanket so they can sit underneath it or buy a wooden house which they can lie in.
  • The toilet (make sure it’s big enough and that the walls are high enough – otherwise they could miss and urinate next to it.)
  • Water – a bowl or bottle (Amelie loves to throw bowls around so we give her a bottle)
  • Hay (in the toilet or a hay rack next to the toilet – this encourages your rabbit to do their business in the toilet!)
  • A dig box (I put hay in a cat toilet which is perfect as Amelie digs the whole night away in her dig box! No hay comes out as it’s covered and she has all the fun she wants. Perfect for rabbits who love digging)
  • Toys – rotate your rabbits toys everyday/every few days to keep them stimulated. A few are: sticks, straw balls (ones that have bells in are great) and tunnels.

My buns fell out with each other for a few months, but once they were rebonded they lived free range in the room. This is possibly the best option for your rabbits if the room is bunny proofed. There was nothing dangerous for our rabbits, however they nibbled on my boyfriend’s jumper and bit all the walls and skirting boards. Since Hector died Amelie has taken her anger out on the walls, biting them more than ever. To protect the walls and Amelie we’ve bought her a rabbit pen that’s actually for outside – but is perfect for indoors too!

20150614_140929 20150614_140939

It’s 150 x 150cm and Amelie is allowed to come out under supervision, although she’s more than content in her pen. It has a roof which is also good as Amelie is a ninja when it comes to jumping, and you can open it to clean the cage. I have to say although this does take up a lot of space it’s the most reassuring type of housing for me. I know she’s safe in her pen and at the same time she has enough space to move around and binky!

I found my pen here and there are lots of similar ones on ebay!

I hope I covered everything but if you have any questions then leave me a comment below 🙂

Larissaingermany x

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3 thoughts on “Housing your bunny

  1. I had no idea housing a bunny was so complex! I never personally kept one, but everyone seemed to use those tiny hamster cages.. Also the ones you have are adorable! It seems Amelie is a little energetic!


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