Pimp Up Your Bed

Our bed has been looking pretty plain. My boyfriend built it himself but hasn’t had time to build a headboard yet, so at the weekend I picked up a couple of pillows to make it look a bit more interesting!

2015-11-15 21.37.53

I use a memory foam pillow but because it is quite small and weirdly shaped all of my pillow cases are way too big for it. I’ve been looking for a couple of pillows for ages that are cheap just to use as decoration. I picked up a pack of two pillows for 10 euros from Primark, which is only 5 euros a pillow! These ones are also anti allergy 🙂

I find a couple of pillows can make your bed look a lot more inviting (especially if you have no headboard) and you can put them to use if you ever have guests!

2015-11-15 21.40.17
(bed sheets from Zara Home)

Larissaingermany x


New Furniture!

Hi readers!

A week ago we finally installed our new sideboard. My boyfriend built it years ago for his final exam for carpentry and now it’s finally up! I’ll just let the photos do the talking 🙂

Ignore the cable sticking out, that shouldn’t be there!

20150913_135641 20150913_135731


Now we just need curtains, a carpet and a coffee table for our lounge! Although it is taking us ages to decorate our flat, it makes it more exciting every time something new comes 🙂 What do you think of it?

Larissaingermany x

It’s The Small Things

I love buying little things for the flat. Whether it’s flowers, a fridge magnet or something more practical I always find it makes such a difference! When we first moved in we bought a run of the mill cabinet for our bathroom.20140722_162911

It’s just a wooden cabinet (from Ikea) with a mirror on it, but it came with the ugliest door knob!! A weird little white button… luckily you can buy door knobs separately in other shops that come in a variety of patterns and colours. If you’re from Germany you can find them in Depot, Butlers, and in the summer and winter festival “Tollwood” in Munich. I’ve also seen them in Zara Home for anyone in a different country. They cost around 4 euros and are perfect for making a normal piece of furniture a little bit more personal.

IMG_20140728_181106 20140727_182055

We bought a green and white one for the bathroom. Look at the difference:IMG_20140722_19301420140723_170957

Isn’t it a lot better?! When our kitchen is 99% complete I’m also planning on finding some nice ones for all the cupboards and drawers, I was thinking these white and blue ones fit perfectly:


Do you have any small things that you buy to make your flat feel more personalized?

Larissaingermany x