Getting Organised in 2016

This year is a big year for me, from October I’ll officially be done studying which means getting organised and finding a job!

I thought I would share a few tips on how to get yourself organised.

TIP 1: Buy yourself a diary

I know some people who look at me funny when I whip out my diary, usually because nowadays a lot of people just use their calendar on their phone. I suppose it’s handy as you always have your phone on you, but I prefer a paper diary because I’m glued enough to my phone as it is and it gets annoying having to type every tiny detail! I suggest you get yourself a small diary that fits in your bag, and if it isn’t enough for you then you could always have a monster diary or planner at home that you update every few days!

TIP 2: Make to do lists

I absolutely love to do lists. There is nothing more fulfilling then ticking something off my list. In the Christmas sales I found a “to do list” book – I didn’t even know they existed! It’s a flip notebook and you can tear out the pages too if you need to. If you want to be extra organised give yourself a deadline to each task.

Tip 3: Write a list of your finances every month

As I’m currently learning how to drive, all my money is going on lessons. Every month I plan how much money I’ll be spending and what on; this is so helpful as if you realize your money might not reach to the end of the month you can re read what you’re spending your money on and cutting (or postponing) the least important thing.

TIP 4: Reply to your emails quickly

If I don’t reply to an email straight away, it sometimes takes days for me to get onto it. Replying to emails quickly means it’s one thing off your mind and you look efficient and organised to the person you’re replying to!


Hope this keeps you a bit more organised 🙂

Larissaingermany x