Kinesio Taping Course

This is a bit of a late post, but a few weekends ago I did a Kinesiology Taping course.


It’s a special tape that you use to support ligaments, relieve tensed muscles, or make them work more efficiently! It’s a lot to take in as you have to know all the muscle insertions and origins, and I was obviously too tired as on the same weekend as I almost cut theIMG_20151202_205124 top of my thumb off using a bread cutter machine, hence why this post is late. I got my thumb glued back together and it’s healing nicely ūüôā

You can generally use whatever colour you want, although they¬†do have a “meaning”: the blue tape relaxes the muscle, the red tape makes the muscle work more and the black tape is for ligaments (any other colour doesn’t mean anything). Of course the colour of the tape¬†doesn’t affect anything, but if you get taped by various people it’s easier for the people to know what the person¬†did before by looking at the colour! In order to relax or make the muscle work harder, it¬†depends on how you tape the muscle, as there are certain techniques.

20151127_204427 IMG_20151127_204529

If you see anyone walking around with a funny tape on their body you now know what it’s for! Have you ever tried it?

Larissaingermany x


To Do List

Since my exams I’ve haven’t been eating that healthily, so it’s time to get back on track! Here’s my to¬†do list, maybe it will motivate you too?


1. Eat more fruit and veg!

During my exams I literally ate all the cookies in the world and comfort food like mac and cheese. Time to get back on track! I’m going to¬†drink my veggie juice everyday again as I’ve been IMG_20150906_095749neglecting my juicer and¬†get some inspiration for healthier vegetarian meals, if anyone has some meal ideas let me know ūüôā

2. Drink more water and buy a new water bottle!

I wrote a post a while ago where I¬†drank at least 1.5 litres of water a¬†day. I was in Italy last week and because you can’t¬†drink the tap water there my water consumption decreased (not to mention the hotel only had lukewarm water for tea! ūüė¶ ). I now¬†drink green tea every morning and I’m planning on buying a new water bottle that I can re use¬†that has no plastic toxins.

3. Plan Christmas Presents!

I know I know, Halloween hasn’t been yet, but I’m so excited for Christmas this year. I think it’s because here in Munich it’s getting so cold and so it already feels like Winter. I’m flying back to England on Christmas Eve which means all presents have to be bought here and taken with me, so it’s better to get organised now whilst I have the time ūüôā

4. Plan some new workouts

Last week I did absolutely no exercise (apart from running around Venice) and I really hate the feeling of being a couch potato. It’s time to plan more workouts for this blog and also for the classes I teach! I’ll be teaching a Christmas dance aerobics class in¬†December so if anyone lives around Munich more¬†details of when and where will be coming up soon.

5. Find Amelie a new partner

My rabbit Amelie has been alone for a few months now after her brother Hector¬†died. As rabbits love company I’ll be adopting a rabbit IMG_20151018_152721from the animal rescue centre so she has someone to play with again! Let’s just hope Amelie will actually find a rabbit she likes – sometimes it can be hard to bond rabbits and Amelie is especially picky.

That’s all for this month! I love writing to¬†do lists; it makes me feel organised and it seems a lot easier tackling it¬†in smaller chunks.

Larissaingermany x

Fitbit Fun

Hi guys!

I know I haven’t posted anything in ages, I’ve been so busy as I write for another blog and I was in England over the Summer.¬†I thought I would just wait until I have time to write a post properly before I start writing a quick post about anything! Now I have a little more time I’m going to be¬†dedicating it to this blog, as I have missed writing it ūüôā

I got an early birthday present from my parents whilst I was in England this Summer – a Fitbit!


A fitbit tracks your movement and sleep, counts your steps, how many calories you’ve burnt, how many flights of stairs you’ve gone, how many km you’ve gone and it has a cute little flower that shows you how active you are! In your sleep it tells you how many times you woke up and if you were restless. You get an online account where you can set weight goals and meal plans, letting you make a food and water¬†diary and check if you’ve burnt enough calories each¬†day. You can also¬†download the app so you can add food to your diary on the go.

20150825_154826 20150825_15480820150825_154819

Did I forget to mention it sends you cute little messages? Mine are in German but it says “Good morning” “Larissa” “Love yourself”. If¬†you’re trying to get fit then this is such a great little¬†device to keep you on track. I’m not trying to lose weight and I¬†don’t have a meal plan, but I find it interesting anyway to see how active I’ve been everyday!

To anyone who already has it, I have no fitbit friends! Send me a request if you want ūüôā you can find me here.

If you have any thoughts on the Fitbit then I’d love to hear them below!

Larissaingermany xIMG_20150825_155257

Benefits and Tips on Drinking Water

A few months ago I decided to up my water levels to see if I could feel the benefits of drinking 1.5 Р2 litres of water a day.


What are the benefits?

  • You feel more awake – not drinking enough means¬†dehydration, leading to fatigue.¬†Drink more water and you could feel more awake¬†during the¬†day!
  • It speeds up your metabolism – your body is made up of 60% water; when you¬†drink enough you get rid of toxins and studies show it speeds up your metabolism. This means drinking enough water and having a¬†healthy lifestyle could help you lose a few pounds.
  • It gives you a better complexion¬†– this is the same reason as above: your body is 60% water and when you¬†drink water studies claim it will “plump” up your skin. Water also flushes out toxins and therefore can give you clearer skin.
  • Headaches and migraines¬†disappear – sometimes the cause of a headache/migraine is simply because you¬†don’t¬†drink enough water! If you have this problem try¬†drinking 1.5 – 2 litres every¬†day and see if it helps.
  • Stops dehydration and pointless eating – it is very common that when we get¬†dehydrated our body tells us we need food. If you’ve eaten enough¬†during the¬†day but start to feel hungry, try¬†drinking a glass or two of water. If you still feel hungry afterwards then you know it’s real hunger!

Tips on how to fit 1.5 Р2 litres of water in your day:

If you aren’t used to¬†drinking water then it can be tiring to try and force yourself to¬†drink it. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Carry a one litre bottle of water with you

This is a good way to measure how much you’re¬†drinking. If you always use a glass you might lose count of how many glasses you’ve had and this way you will always have a bottle with you on the go! I found a clever 1 litre bottle that’s short but wide and small enough to fit into my bag.


  • Herbal tea counts as your water intake

So long as you¬†don’t add anything to it (sugar, honey, sweetener) then it counts as your water intake! There are also great benefits from¬†drinking herbal tea such as green tea to boost your metabolism, peppermint to refresh/detox your system and ginger or chamomile tea to reduce headaches. My favourite brand is pukka tea, they have lots of¬†different teas that taste amazing! If you have English breakfast tea with milk and sugar, replace it with herbal tea – you will have drunken your 1.5 litres in no time!


  • Always keep water with you

I know this problem – you’re thirsty but you just can’t be bothered to move! I keep a bottle of water with me all the time wherever I go. My boyfriend¬†once asked where my bottle was¬†as he was surprised he couldn’t see it¬†(it was hiding behind a pillow). He then announced that the bottle was like my child, as it never leaves my side!

  • Swap your water for fizzy¬†drinks

I’ve never been such a fan of fizzy¬†drinks, but there are some people who¬†drink them on a regular basis. If you’re one of those people try swapping them purely for water for a week and see what happens. I suggest you also add some fruit to your¬†day to avoid getting low blood sugar (as your body misses the sugar from the fizzy¬†drinks).

The Results:

After a week of drinking a minimum of 1.5 litres a day I was surprised to find that when I woke up in the morning I was very awake. I’m usually someone who has to be¬†dragged out of bed in the morning! I most certainly felt a¬†difference with my energy levels and on weekends I rarely carry on sleeping after 9:30am.¬†Drinking more water has turned me into a morning person!

The disadvantage was I had to go on the toilet a lot. This is however competely logical and temporary. You are drinking a lot more water than your bladder is used to! After a week or two my bladder got used to the change and I no longer have to go on the toilet every hour.

Other than the energy levels I¬†didn’t notice anything else. I rarely get headaches anyway and my complexion¬†didn’t improve as far as I could see. I started¬†drinking more water in May (2015) and I’m happy to say I’m still drinking a minimum of 1.5 litres a day.¬†Although I only noticed a change in my energy it was¬†definitely worth it as it was such a significant difference.¬†If any of you try upping your water levels let me know if you felt a¬†difference!

Larissaingermany x

IMG_20150518_210750 IMG_20150106_112509  IMG_20150323_201802

3 Minute Arm workout for Beginners

I’ve created a small workout for you guys who are looking to tone up your arms. I haven’t added the typical press ups as when I started doing sport I couldn’t even manage one press up! So if you have the same problem that I had, then these are the perfect exercises to strengthen your arms and get ready for real press ups. The main targeted area for this workout are the triceps – the muscle underneath the arm that everyone wants to tone to stop it from wobbling. I haven’t added any exercises that include the biceps, mainly because you need weights to be able to do this and so it will be coming in a different post. ūüėČ

Exercise 1: Single Arm Side Push Up

Muscles you’re training: Pectoralis Major and Minor (pecs), triceps brachii (arm muscle), errector spinae (back muscle), external and internal oblique (side stomach muscles), abdominis rectus (abs), deltoid (shoulder muscle).

Arm 1

Exercise 2: Tricep Dip

Muscles your training: Triceps brachii, errector spinae, pectoralis major and minor.

Arm 2

Arm 3

Exercise 4: Standing press up

Muscles you’re training: pectoralis major and minor, ticeps brachii, abdominis rectus, deltoid.

Arm 4

Variation of Exercise 4:

Arm 5

Exercise 5: One sided standing push up.

Muscles you’re training: pectoralis major and minor, ticeps brachii, abdominis rectus, deltoid.

Arm 6

All exercises listed:

10 Side push ups on each arm.

10 Tricep dips.

10 Standing press ups.

10 Standing press ups with the heels up.

10 One sided standing press ups on each arm.

And that’s all of the arm workout. Aim to do this at least 3 times a week and you’ll be ready to do press ups in no time. It’s only 3 minutes long so you can do it any time during the day! If you’re feeling extra motivated try doing it twice a day. Hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think ūüôā

Larissaingermany x

5 Minute Legs Bums and Tums workout

Hi guys!

Here’s a workout I’ve created for anyone looking to tone up. It’s super quick so you can fit it in everyday and the exercises are simple and easy which are great for any beginners!


Let’s get started:

Exercise 1: Crunches.

Which muscles you’re training: rectus abdominis (six pack) and transversus abdominis (deep lying muscle).

abdominal 1 test

abdominal 2 test abs 3

Exercise 2: The circle.

Which muscles you’re training:¬†rectus abdominis (six pack), transversus abdominis (deep muscle), internal oblique and external oblique muscles (side stomach muscles).

the circle abs 1

the circle abs 2

Exercise 3: The bridge

Which muscles you’re training: rectus abdominis, transversus abdominis, errector spinae (back muscle), gluteus maximus and minimus (bum muscles), hamstrings (back of your thigh), gastrocnemius (calf muscle) and hip adductors.

the bridge 1

the bridge 2

 Exercise 4: On all fours

Which muscles you’re training: rectus abdominis, gluteus maximus and minimus, hamstrings.

all fours

all fours 2

all fours 3

All exercises listed:

Here’s a quick check list so once you know all the exercises you can just skip to this bit.

10 crunches bending and stretching the right leg

10 crunches with the right leg stretched to the ceiling

10 crunches bending and stretching the left leg

10 crunches with the left leg stretched to the ceiling

3 rounds of crunches in the circle – right diagonal, middle, left diagonal, middle

10 times doing the bridge – lifting your hips up, lifting your heels, lowering your heels and lowering your hips.

10 times on all fours lifting the right leg up and down

10 times on all fours lifting the left leg up and down

And that’s it! You’ll be done in around five minutes. If you don’t have a yoga mat then you can use a towel instead. Please note that only¬†doing this workout won’t magically give you abs or a bum like JLo, it depends on your nutrition and if you do any other exercise as well – but this workout will of course help you reach your goals! I hope you enjoy my mini workout and I would love to hear what you think of it ūüôā

Larissaingermany x

An exciting month

Hi guys!

I’m working on a little workout to share with you, but in the meantime¬†I’ll give you a quick update on my day to day life as a fitness trainer.

First up I now teach cheerleading to 8 year olds. I did some cheerleading back in England (nothing amazing like the cool american cheerleaders!) and I’ve been wanting to teach dance for ages but I’ve never found anything/I was too busy to really look for jobs, so I’m so excited to start teaching it next week. I’ve dug out some old photos of when I was a cheerleader at the Windsor Royal Tattoo, a show to celebrate the Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy in front of the Royal Family!

Windsor royal tattoo 2

If anyone has any cheer music suggestions that are suitable for 8 year olds then please share them in the comment box below! I’ve already found some songs but it’s crazy¬†how many songs are inappropriate for children.

I’ve also been offered a job from September onwards teaching ballet for four year olds and I’m currently rehearsing for a German crime series, in which I’ll be dancing in! We’re filming the end of May so once it’s out I’ll be able to share more info about it with you ūüôā

Other than that I’m teaching¬†four days a week as normal and in school we’ve started learning our dances for exam time that starts in September! How’s your month going?

Larissaingermany x

Super Quick Takeaway Lunch

Hi readers!

Today I’m going to share with you one of my favourite breakfast/lunches that I always take with me. It’s super quick to make in the morning, and if you really have no time mornings you can make it in the evening and leave it in the fridge over night!IMG_20150423_092856What you need:

  • Yoghurt – I usually use natural yoghurt as it’s the healthiest but you can use any you want
  • Muesli or oats
  • Frozen berries/fresh fruit such as apple, strawberry, pear, kiwi… anything you want!
  • shredded coconut
  • honey (this isn’t really needed if you use flavoured yoghurt, but if you do use natural yoghurt then manuka honey is a favourite of mine and has lots of health benefits!)
  • A glass jar/waterproof tupperware – I use yoghurt jars but you can use anything that doesn’t leak

What you have to do:

Layer your glass jar/tupperware with your ingredients.

First spoon in the yoghurt, followed by muesli/oats, fruit, honey (if you need it) and sprinkle with shredded coconut.

Close the lid and ta daaa! It’s already done. Told you it was quick!

If you make it in the evening and leave it in the fridge, you’re basically making “overnight oats” so ¬†the oats have absorbed some liquid from the yoghurt and fruit overnight. If you make it in the morning it just means the oats are a bit more crunchy – both versions are yummy!

I haven’t put the amount of each ingredient, just because you can decide yourself – if you love yoghurt then fill the jar half way up. If you like it dryer then add more oats etc.

Hope you enjoy it!!

Larissaingermany x

Natural yoghurt, muesli, chopped apples with honey and shredded coconut
Natural yoghurt, frozen berries muesli and honey in tupperware
Natural yoghurt, muesli, strawberries, honey and shredded coconut

Then and Now

Welcome to the fitness side of my blog!

If you’ve read my “About” page then you probably already know I teach fitness classes like pilates and aerobics. But I didn’t always have such an interest in sport. Actually, when I was younger I hated it when Mum dragged me in a sports shop – but¬†now I buy more sports clothes than normal clothes.

I’ve danced my whole life: ballet, tap, contemporary and jazz. Although they gave me coordination, balance and happiness for some reason they never really gave me strength. I didn’t have muscles¬†and I didn’t feel strong either.


The photo above on the right was me two and a half years ago, compared to a photo I took a month ago. Since doing sport I feel stronger, I feel a difference in my body and I can even do a press up now! I’ve actually stayed the same weight the entire time, even if I have lost fat I’ve gained muscle and toned up, so it’s not all about losing pounds on the scale. In fact, if you start exercising your weight will first¬†go up¬†as muscle weighs more than fat anyway, so first you gain muscle and then lose fat. The more muscle you have, the quicker your body burns fat!


The thing is, everyone is different. Some people dance their whole lives and have a six pack! For some reason it didn’t work for me, but I’m so happy I found other training and sport that is making me stronger, I still dance too and I now feel more in control with my body than I did before.

I’m very excited to post again as I’ll be posting what I get up to as a fitness trainer and also include workouts and workout tips! If you have any wishes for what workouts you want then leave a comment below and let me know.

Larissaingermany x

At work about to teach aerobics
Off to teach a class on a Sunday morning!