Pimp Up Your Bed

Our bed has been looking pretty plain. My boyfriend built it himself but hasn’t had time to build a headboard yet, so at the weekend I picked up a couple of pillows to make it look a bit more interesting!

2015-11-15 21.37.53

I use a memory foam pillow but because it is quite small and weirdly shaped all of my pillow cases are way too big for it. I’ve been looking for a couple of pillows for ages that are cheap just to use as decoration. I picked up a pack of two pillows for 10 euros from Primark, which is only 5 euros a pillow! These ones are also anti allergy 🙂

I find a couple of pillows can make your bed look a lot more inviting (especially if you have no headboard) and you can put them to use if you ever have guests!

2015-11-15 21.40.17
(bed sheets from Zara Home)

Larissaingermany x