Philips HR1871 Review

Hi guys!

I got a new juicer (Philips HR1871) for my birthday in September and I’m so happy with it! I’ve been wanting one for ages.

The pros:

  • Looks good and is quite compact.
  • All parts are dishwasher safe, making it very quick in the morning before work.
  • Comes with a little “book” of recipes!
  • Comes with a jug and two spouts (one spout for the jug shown in the photo above, the other pointing downwards if you want to press your juice directly into a glass).
  • Has two levels, one for harder fruits and veggies and the other for oranges etc
  • You can put the entire fruit in with the pips such as apples and pears (note anything with a “stone” in you have to take out first)
  • It works!

The cons:

  • You can’t juice soft fruits and vegs like avocado, banana, papaya etc as it blocks the sieve – however as I have a hand blender I don’t find this so bad as you can blend it in your juice afterwards.
  • It’s quite pricey at around 160 euros, and there is actually a model that’s basically the same with a tiny bit less power which is a bit cheaper (HR1869).

As you can see the pros outweigh the cons in my opinion, and I would totally recommend buying one 🙂

Here are also a few tips:

  • If you don’t like that particular fruit/veg in a solid form… then you won’t like it as a liquid either! (I almost threw up drinking a celery juice as I absolutely hate celery haha)
  • If you’re not drinking it straight away, add a lemon to it so it keeps it’s colour! Otherwise it will go brown.
  • If you keep your juice in the fridge for more than a day or two it loses it’s vitamins.

Thanks for reading!

Larissaingermany x

IMG_20150910_204300 IMG_20150906_095749IMG_20150930_095731


To Do List

Since my exams I’ve haven’t been eating that healthily, so it’s time to get back on track! Here’s my to do list, maybe it will motivate you too?


1. Eat more fruit and veg!

During my exams I literally ate all the cookies in the world and comfort food like mac and cheese. Time to get back on track! I’m going to drink my veggie juice everyday again as I’ve been IMG_20150906_095749neglecting my juicer and get some inspiration for healthier vegetarian meals, if anyone has some meal ideas let me know 🙂

2. Drink more water and buy a new water bottle!

I wrote a post a while ago where I drank at least 1.5 litres of water a day. I was in Italy last week and because you can’t drink the tap water there my water consumption decreased (not to mention the hotel only had lukewarm water for tea! 😦 ). I now drink green tea every morning and I’m planning on buying a new water bottle that I can re use that has no plastic toxins.

3. Plan Christmas Presents!

I know I know, Halloween hasn’t been yet, but I’m so excited for Christmas this year. I think it’s because here in Munich it’s getting so cold and so it already feels like Winter. I’m flying back to England on Christmas Eve which means all presents have to be bought here and taken with me, so it’s better to get organised now whilst I have the time 🙂

4. Plan some new workouts

Last week I did absolutely no exercise (apart from running around Venice) and I really hate the feeling of being a couch potato. It’s time to plan more workouts for this blog and also for the classes I teach! I’ll be teaching a Christmas dance aerobics class in December so if anyone lives around Munich more details of when and where will be coming up soon.

5. Find Amelie a new partner

My rabbit Amelie has been alone for a few months now after her brother Hector died. As rabbits love company I’ll be adopting a rabbit IMG_20151018_152721from the animal rescue centre so she has someone to play with again! Let’s just hope Amelie will actually find a rabbit she likes – sometimes it can be hard to bond rabbits and Amelie is especially picky.

That’s all for this month! I love writing to do lists; it makes me feel organised and it seems a lot easier tackling it in smaller chunks.

Larissaingermany x

5 Mistakes When Trying to Lose Weight

There are so many people who try to lose weight but never succeed, I’ve formulated a list of very common mistakes that will hopefully help any of you wanting to lose weight and have a healthy body!


Mistake #1

Watching the scales like a hawk.

Many people who want to lose weight solely base their weight loss on how much they literally weigh, although this sounds logical it can be a massive mistake. Unless you are actually very overweight, there is no need to check how much you weigh everyday! If you aren’t technically overweight but feel the need to lose a few pounds, you can do this very simply by eating healthily and doing exercise. The reason why you shouldn’t go by what the scales say is because once you start exercising, you gain muscle. Muscle is heavier than fat so what happens is at first you gain weight. The more muscle you have the more fat you burn and therefore you will tone up and lose fat.

Mistake #2

Starving yourself from carbs/all food.

Potatoes and asparagus are complex carbs – full of fibre and leave you feeling fuller for longer

Just from the title you should know this is a bad idea! When you deprive yourself of food your body goes into starvation mode. This means when you do eat something (even if it’s something light like fruit of veg), your body will automatically put it in it’s fat reserve… making you gain fat rather than lose it. Avoiding all carbohydrates is also a bad idea as this is what gives you energy, what you should be doing is avoiding simple carbohydrates: You digest these quickly, they don’t have much energy and therefore you’ll be feeling hungry after a short period of  time. They can be found in foods such as white bread, white rice, sugar, cake, white flour and fruit juice. Complex carbohydrates are great as they are high in fibre and take longer to digest which makes you feel fuller for longer, a few examples are: brown rice, wholemeal bread and pasta, wholemeal flour, nuts, lentils, kidney beans, potatoes and spinach.

Mistake #3

Going on a diet.

Technically, there should be no such thing as a diet. If you do decide to go on a diet and eat healthily for a month or so you might just lose weight! The thing is, you should carry on eating healthily afterwards. If you think “Yay! I’ve met my weight target”… it doesn’t mean you can go back to eating Mcdonalds every other day. This is called the Yo Yo Effect and is very common, and also very logical as to why it happens. You eat healthy and exercise – you have a healthy body. As soon as you have a healthy body, you fall back into your old habits and therefore gain weight again. The trick is to not think of it as a diet. Your nutrition and exercise regime is a lifestyle that you should be basically doing forever.

Mistake #4

Eating the right food but not exercising

Find a sport you love! Check out my mini workouts to add some exercise into your day

If you want a healthy body you should be exercising as well. A lot of people think it’s enough just to eat healthily, but with exercise you can get a healthier body faster and many health advantages! Cardio increases your metabolism rate (making you lose weight faster), decreases the risk of heart disease and strengthens your legs, bum and tum at the same time. Weight training is also good as it builds muscles, making you look toned and as I said before, the more muscle you have the more energy you need – which burns calories and fat quicker. Find a sport that you particularly like (whether it be running, Pilates, weight lifting, spinning etc) and once you’re having fun you won’t think of doing sport as a chore.

Mistake #5

Eating fat free products.

This is a mean trick made by the food market industry. It says “fat free” or “light” on the packet and you think you’re deciding on the healthier option, but the real truth is that there’s a lot of hidden sugar in these products. Just think, if they take all the fat out of a yoghurt for example – they’re going to need to put a lot of artificial stuff in to make it taste as good as it was before! It is also very often that they put gelatine in the product to thicken it – a little tip for any vegetarians out there. The next time you buy a fat free product have a look at the ingredients. If you see any of the following: sucrose, fructose, lactose and maltose then they are all sugar. You might be thinking, “okay.. but sugar isn’t fat, so it’s not that bad is it?” but as I mentioned before sugar is a simple carbohydrate,  meaning it leaves you feeling hungry quickly. Also these are artificial sugars, they are high in calories and can lead to weight gain rather than weight loss. Ditch the fat free yoghurt and light coke and instead eat healthy fats such as avocado, eggs, nuts or fish.

So there are my five mistakes to trying to lose weight! The main point is to think of losing weight not as a weightloss diet plan, but a new, healthier lifestyle for yourself – that isn’t a short term plan but a permanent change. Can anyone relate to these problems or has another problem they would like to add?

Larissaingermany x

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Super Quick Takeaway Lunch

Hi readers!

Today I’m going to share with you one of my favourite breakfast/lunches that I always take with me. It’s super quick to make in the morning, and if you really have no time mornings you can make it in the evening and leave it in the fridge over night!IMG_20150423_092856What you need:

  • Yoghurt – I usually use natural yoghurt as it’s the healthiest but you can use any you want
  • Muesli or oats
  • Frozen berries/fresh fruit such as apple, strawberry, pear, kiwi… anything you want!
  • shredded coconut
  • honey (this isn’t really needed if you use flavoured yoghurt, but if you do use natural yoghurt then manuka honey is a favourite of mine and has lots of health benefits!)
  • A glass jar/waterproof tupperware – I use yoghurt jars but you can use anything that doesn’t leak

What you have to do:

Layer your glass jar/tupperware with your ingredients.

First spoon in the yoghurt, followed by muesli/oats, fruit, honey (if you need it) and sprinkle with shredded coconut.

Close the lid and ta daaa! It’s already done. Told you it was quick!

If you make it in the evening and leave it in the fridge, you’re basically making “overnight oats” so  the oats have absorbed some liquid from the yoghurt and fruit overnight. If you make it in the morning it just means the oats are a bit more crunchy – both versions are yummy!

I haven’t put the amount of each ingredient, just because you can decide yourself – if you love yoghurt then fill the jar half way up. If you like it dryer then add more oats etc.

Hope you enjoy it!!

Larissaingermany x

Natural yoghurt, muesli, chopped apples with honey and shredded coconut
Natural yoghurt, frozen berries muesli and honey in tupperware
Natural yoghurt, muesli, strawberries, honey and shredded coconut