Kinesio Taping Course

This is a bit of a late post, but a few weekends ago I did a Kinesiology Taping course.


It’s a special tape that you use to support ligaments, relieve tensed muscles, or make them work more efficiently! It’s a lot to take in as you have to know all the muscle insertions and origins, and I was obviously too tired as on the same weekend as I almost cut theIMG_20151202_205124 top of my thumb off using a bread cutter machine, hence why this post is late. I got my thumb glued back together and it’s healing nicely ­čÖé

You can generally use whatever colour you want, although they┬ádo have a “meaning”: the blue tape relaxes the muscle, the red tape makes the muscle work more and the black tape is for ligaments (any other colour doesn’t mean anything). Of course the colour of the tape┬ádoesn’t affect anything, but if you get taped by various people it’s easier for the people to know what the person┬ádid before by looking at the colour! In order to relax or make the muscle work harder, it┬ádepends on how you tape the muscle, as there are certain techniques.

20151127_204427 IMG_20151127_204529

If you see anyone walking around with a funny tape on their body you now know what it’s for! Have you ever tried it?

Larissaingermany x